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With a refreshingly modern design, our climate controlled environment holds more than 5,500 bottles, including over 1,300 labels. Along with the usual selection of very popular varieties from around the globe, there are selections unique to Luca which are unavailable anywhere else in Cayman.


The Italian-made cellars are sleek architectural displays of stainless steel and Palisandro wood, all enclosed in floor-to-ceiling glass with sliding ladders. Our superbly designed cellars and the phenomenal range of wines ultimately reflect a wine list that Wine Spectator has rewarded with its Award of Excellence each year since we opened.


We are proud to present our carefully chosen wine collection. Our cellars contain over four hundred selections from more than twelve countries with vintages spanning five decades. Although we make every effort to keep our wine list current, vintages are subject to change and availability may be limited. Please refer to the printed wine list presented at the table.


Please download our extensive wine lists here:


Our superbly designed wine cellars and our phenomenal range of wines reflect a wine list that Wine Spectator has rewarded with its
“Best Of Award of Excellence”
each year since we opened in 2007.


Our custom-designed cellars hold over 5,000 bottles of varieties from around the world.


Luca Italian Restaurant WINES
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